Everyone wants to make an impact. Few know how to transform their vision into reality. Here at IDEAL we will empower you to be a positive change maker by gifting you the tools and support necessary to deliver your dream project to the world.

One of the most ambitious and universal purposes Srila Prabhupada set for ISKCON is the very first one
"To systematically propagate spiritual knowledge to society at large and to educate all peoples in the techniques of spiritual life in order to check the imbalance of values in life and to achieve real unity and peace in the world".

So who is it for

Anyone who wants to create a positive change project

For those who want to scale up an existing project or want to pivot and be more socially conscious

For those who possess leadership skills and capacity to make a quality investments in ones’ business

It will be easier for you to study at the school if you have financial freedom and can afford not to worry about income for at least several months while studying and working on your project

At the program you will get answers to the questions:

How to grow spiritually in your professional and business projects and at the same time earn a lot of money?

How to create a project that solves global contemporary issues of the society with spiritual methods?

How to use your talents and skills in serving people and God?

How to live deeply meaningful life and to feel inspired by what you do every day?

IDEAL offers unique opportunities in:

Global Vision

We teach you how to revolutionalize your way of thinking while discovering novel ways to implement spiritual technologies into your projects.


You will have the chance to interact with top minds across multiple disciplines, from businessmen to royal family members, from celebrities to spiritual holy men.


Inspiration comes from a balance of critical feedback and loving support. You will find both here.


We are a creative incubator where you will find as much value in helping others as seeing your own project through to fruition.

Act Boldly

Great change makers are independently thoughtful and resourceful. We will help instill within you the necessary courage to take the first steps.


Company of like-minded people and learning from the best world-class teachers.

What do we teach:

How to implement ambitious flagship projects across city, state and international levels

Cooperation with various business and government agencies, to access grants and financial resources that will prove mutually beneficial for society and the state

The creation and expansion of multi-faith based projects aimed at distributing spiritual values to society as a whole

How to dovetail your true nature and proclivities with your talents, skills and abilities

Conscious awareness of the interconnectedness of professional and spiritual activities in an ever-changing world

How to thrive spiritually and financially through engagement in what inspires you

Leadership and presentation skills necessary to bring wings to your project while giving you the confidence to step enthusiastically into the future

About the IDEAL

School tuition includes:

2 months residential education

and training in Mayapur

Online meetings

with fellow students, school graduates and school teachers several times a year


to interact with fellow students and school leader

Consulting support for your project

by the leader and organizers of the school after the training

Our teachers

Where and when

Mayapur, Vaishnava Academy. From December 2, 2020 to January 31, 2021

Participation format

The school offers residential education and training for two months in Mayapur. This allows students to:

Be more deeply involved in the learning process

Find partners and share ideas

Create better and more interesting projects

Build your professional network of contacts from participants and teachers

Get the advantage of living in a holy place

Cost of education

$ 1370
Rs 96 000

Per student


Prasadam *

Accommodation at the Vaishnava Academy


Organizational expenses **

* Enjoy sattvic sanctified food in the tradition of Ayurveda to bring up your resonant frequency and increase innovative "outside the box" thinking.
** We attract the very best teachers and developers to provide you with the first-class training. Organizational expenses include teachers’ traveling expenses, their accommodation, as well as moderate donations to ensure their participation in the future. For those students who are unable to cover their expenses, we can provide a partial or even full scholarship, depending on each case.


If you have any questions, please contact us info@108pro.com